Who We Are

By investing in social change for women and girls, we create a future where generations of women are empowered economically, politically, and socially to live a life that radiates with possibility.


We create social change for women and girls locally and in Israel, and empower purposeful, effective philanthropists.


We envision a landscape of social and economic justice for all women and girls.

Our History

Co-founders Robin Hettleman Weinberg and Liza Levy dreamed of a venue for women in the Washington, DC area to come together philanthropically to make lasting differences in the lives of women and girls. They started the Foundation in 2006 so that women could invest in programs that create systemic change by addressing the causes of challenges faced by women and girls.

Our Impact


Increasing Awareness and Engagement

Programs that call attention to or reframe attitudes and behaviors. The community sees the issue differently as a result of your work. A critical mass is reached to bring attention, influence views and/or increase engagement.

Changing Individual/Community Behavior

Programs that enable individuals and/or the community to do things differently. For example: building a sense of empowerment that results in a long-term improvement for women and girls.

Changing Institutions, Policy and Systems

Programs that result in changes in organizational, local, regional, national or international policy or practice. For example: specific laws and/or institutional systems change.

Reallocating Power and Resources

Programs that enable or cause social, economic, or political shifts to women and girls. For example: equal opportunity in the workplace or increased political presence.

Adapted from Clohesy Consulting’s “A System of Social Change”

When women come together to support each other, communities are forever changed.
Come see how we do it.
Join us. Be the architect for the change you want to see.