Solidarity Statement

We stand in solidarity, outrage and mourning over the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others. Our mission has always been to fight for justice and human dignity. Now more than ever, we fight against racism, inequity and hatred. We fight for the right of all people of color to live their lives free of fear. The right to go to a grocery store, to the park, or on a neighborhood jog, or car ride without fear should not belong only to the privileged.

As an organization that promotes social change for women and girls, we hold strong to our fundamental values of justice, renewal and community. We will continue to fight for racial justice because it is a core part of a just world that our Jewish values drive us to pursue.

COVID19 has made it even clearer that women of color are experiencing the greatest burden, often as essential workers and often in roles that have been hardest hit by unemployment. Single mothers of color are struggling to make ends meet particularly as their children lose access to school food programs and school nurses.

TOWF stands with people of color of all faiths and backgrounds. We must build a culture and institutions that acknowledge the history of oppression in our country, respect the dignity and rights of each woman, man and child living in America, and take action to ensure a just and equal society. TOWF envisions a community and country where violence is never tolerated, and power is used responsibly and for the good of all.

Our foundation will:

  • Listen to black and brown women to understand the challenges they face and the social change that they envision.
  • Continue to raise up organizations that are promoting social change for women and girls of every background.
  • Speak out and participate in peaceful actions in support of women and girls of color.
  • Support and learn from the leadership of other organizations with a similar vision.

We believe when we invest in women and girls, families and communities are forever transformed. We are committed to building a just and caring society, where everyone can achieve their potential.