#SheShinesLight on Kayan: Combating COVID-19 and Violence Against Women

“Don’t Leave it In Your Heart” is the name of the two-week campaign launched in late November by Tikkun Olam Women’s Foundation grantee Kayan, together with diverse international and local partners. Approximately 30 socially-distanced protest activities and demonstrations are scheduled to take place in schools, on the streets, and in community centers in Arab localities. At a time when health emergency measures have confined many women at home with their abusers and left them alone to endure the continuing cycle of violence, Kayan is taking action, and combating gender injustice.

Rehab’s Story: Women leading their Communities Towards Effective Response to COVID-19
Rehab Khamis is a feminist activist and a member of her local council. At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, she was concerned because she saw that the local council in her village was not doing enough to respond. People were hesitant to get tested because of the stigma associated with the new virus. Even if they tested positive, community members would try to keep the information private. The crisis worsened, and Rehab noticed that unemployment was rising, with many community members falling into poverty.

Rehab contacted the social work department, helped deliver meals funded by the national government for elderly and needy families, ensured that local contact lists were updated so that those in need might receive help in time. She soon found that there was only so much she could do acting on her own, however.

That’s when Rehab joined a local women’s group which is supported by Kayan and they performed an assessment to better understand community needs. With the data they gathered, they approached local businesses and organizations to mobilize -they even secured monetary support from Kayan to respond to the situation. One person really can make a difference, and determined women working together can change a society.

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Tikkun Olam Women's Foundation: She Shines Light