GatherDC Shines a Light on Young Jewish Philanthropy

Our third week of #SheShinesLight has begun, and we now turn attention to GatherDC, an organization that works with young Jewish people in their 20s and 30s, helping them build bonds and community.

In a recent Jewish Exponent article on charitable giving, Yvette Alt Miller notes: “Judaism teaches that we are each here to fulfill a specific set of tasks that only we can perform and for which we’re given the precise, individual tools we require. Let this be our moment to shine. Let this pandemic be our time to step up and start helping…in this unprecedented moment.”

GatherDC has been doing this by hosting innovative Giving Circles online throughout the pandemic. In a year when philanthropists (young and old) may feel torn on how best to give, GatherDC has created a safe space for young Jews to take on these tough questions together.

As former program participant, now staff-member Sarah tells us, GatherDC Giving Circles “have been an intersection of Judaism, community, and philanthropy” for her peers. This forum for young people searching for ways to help embodies tikkun olam.

Tikkun Olam Women’s Foundation is proud to support Sarah and other women/young philanthropists like her, because they are the (s)heroes at the frontlines of pandemic relief.

Please CLICK HERE to help us ensure that these program participants access the resources they need to shine brighter every day, even through darkness.

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