#SheShinesLight in Honor of Rosa Parks Day

Rosa Parks and DACA Protesters

#GivingTuesday2020 finds us all facing dark times. Drawing inspiration from the past, and from rays of light in our present, can help pull us through the tough times.

Rosa Parks was honored as a brilliant activist in later years, but when she first rejected bus driver James F. Blake’s order to relinquish her seat in the colored section of the bus to a white passenger in 1955 (and for many years after) she paid a high price. Though she was later honored for playing a pivotal role in the unfolding Civil Rights Movement, Parks initially lost her job. She faced years of death threats. In the long run, however, her actions resulted in generations of people of color having better access to more services than their grandparents ever did.

During a tumultuous year when access to many critical social services is slowed or halted due to COVID-19, Tikkun Olam Women’s Foundation (TOWF) has launched its year-end campaign, “She Shines Light” on December 1st by focusing on grantees serving girls of color in low-income communities. For three decades, Crittenton Services of Greater Washington has served low-income teenage girls, counseling them and offering support services so gaps in access are closed. Crittenton’s high school graduation success rate is 99%.

One young Crittenton leader who embodies tikkun olam each time she shines her light is Jazmin Jones, with the Teen Mental Health Campaign. Listen to Jazmin as she talks about creating mental health videos with her peers, and collaborating with other young women to identify signs of a depressive state.

Tikkun Olam is proud to support Jazmin and other young women like her, because together, they are the (s)heroes at the frontlines of the pandemic. We believe that doing so furthers the great work of Rosa Parks, increasing access for all, shining a leadership light on women and girls of color, creating tikkun olam together.

Please CLICK HERE to help us ensure that these young women, these young leaders, access the resources they need to shine brighter every day, even through darkness.

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Tikkun Olam Women's Foundation: She Shines Light