2015: $185,000 + $20,000 catalyst grant

Freedom from the Risk of Violence and Abuse = $87,000

ATZUM-Justice Works (I) – $5,000 atzum.org

ATZUM has received one grant from TOWF, and sought funding in continued support of its Task Force on Human Trafficking. ATZUM is working toward legislative change to criminalize the purchase of sexual services and decriminalize the providers, and changing public perception about what it means to be a victim of trafficking.

FAIR Girls (LLII) – $14,000 fairgirls.org

FAIR Girls proposes the first formal translation and appropriation of Tell Your Friends, a human trafficking prevention curriculum program piloted in 2007, to reach Hispanic-Latina youth in DC.

Haifa Rape Crisis Center (I) – $10,000 hrcc.1202.org.il

HRCC has developed a new media campaign in collaboration with TOWF, with men addressing teenage boys, to prevent sexual violence against women and girls.  The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel is exploring the option to make the campaign a national effort.

JCADA (LJ) – $30,000 jcada.org

TOWF is currently in its eighth grant year with JCADA. This year’s proposal sought to continue to fund the development and pilot of the AWARE training modules.

JCCGW (LJ) – $10,000 jccgw.org

JCCGW began “Stewards of Children, “a child sexual abuse prevention and response program, last year with TOWF funding. This year, they proposed to expand the training of facilitators to bring the established “Stewards of Children” child abuse prevention program to communal organizations in the Jewish community; synagogues, preschools, day schools, and other Jewish agencies, creating a broad campaign of child abuse prevention and awareness in the Jewish community.

T’ruah: Rabbinic Call for Human Rights (LJ) – $5,000 truah.org

Fighting Modern-Day Slavery: A Training For Rabbis is a program previously held in Los Angeles and New York City but wishes to expand to Washington, DC. Area rabbis will learn to recognize the signs of human trafficking and will know how to take action in collaboration with local anti-trafficking organizations. Nationally, the rabbis will become  part of a network of T’ruah-trained rabbis engaging congregations, speaking with lawmakers, and spearheading solutions to modern- day slavery.

Tahirih Justice Center (LLII) – $13,000 tahirih.org

Tahirih is proposing a third grant year with TOWF. TOWF’s funding is primarily used to fund Tahirih’s efforts to expand the criteria for female asylum seekers fleeing the threat of gender-based violence. Federal funding restrictions preclude Tahirih from using federal grants for this type of work.

Increased Voice and Influence in Society and Policy = $46,500

Adva Center (I) – $5,000 adva.org

TOWF has funded a two-year project creating a women’s budget forum in the Negev, which is designed to educate and empower the women serving as mayoral advisors. Adva Center sought funding to train and mentor municipal officials to use a gender lens.

Anu – Making Change (I) – $10,000 anu.org.il

The Women’s Media Center (of Israel), launched as a pilot in 2014, increases women’s voices in media, closes gender gaps, and promotes equality and diversity in the media. The WMCI sought funding to address the root causes of gender inequality that exists in Israeli society, targeting the media industry due to its power and influence on public opinion and policy through the monitoring of all media outlets (print, digital, and electronic); capacity building of women to enter and rise professionally in the media; and ultimately influencing decision makers and public policy.

Center for Women’s Justice (I) – $5,000 www.cwj.org.il/en

CWJ is currently in its second grant year with TOWF, and sought funding to continue its skills building and outreach program for civil actions against get refusal. The Din V’Dayan periodical, rabbinic court decisions, will be published by CWJ and distributed to attorneys and the public.

Israel Women’s Network (I) – $7,500 iwn.org.il

IWN sought funding for a second year to support the legislative advocacy component of its Moms@Work program, which ultimately aims to address the inequities faced by working mothers in Israel. The program includes “top-down” legislative advocacy for better policies at the national and municipal level, as well as a significant “bottom-up” grassroots component that trains women to advocate for themselves and ultimately become the primary pressure groups.

Mavoi Satum (I) – $4,000 mavoisatum.org

Mavoi Satum is currently in its sixth grant year with TOWF and sought funding to support redress, advocacy and legal representation on cases that will set a precedent related to divesting the state-run rabbinical court of some of its jurisdiction, including laws related to prenuptial agreements, recognition of civil unions, ending the race for jurisdiction between the religious and civil courts, and civil dissolution of marriage.

Rackman Center for the Advancement of Status of Women (I) – $7,500 rackmancenter.com

Rackman Center sought funding for a Legal and Social Advocacy Program for Women in Family Law to alleviate the inequality faced by women in family law in Israel, and focused on legislative advocacy and child support.

YEDID Association for Community Empowerment (I) – $7,500 yedid.org.il

YEDID sought funding for the Single Mothers for Change Program which aims to address the issues keeping single mothers in poverty by enlisting and training dynamic single mothers in community advocacy to focus their efforts on national regulations to better benefit single mothers.

Empowerment and Leadership = $41,500

AVODAH: Jewish Service Corps (LJ) – $10,000 avodah.net

AVODAH sought funding for a new program, Women Learning Together (AWLT), which is a career and leadership development program for mid-career AVODAH alumnae.  The program is designed to address the gender imbalance in leadership in Jewish and nonprofit organizations by giving women in the network the tools, strategies, and peer mentoring to act on their leadership potential.

Community Bridges (LLII) – $5,000 communitybridges-md.org

Community Bridges sought funding for its positive youth development program called CB Girls, which targets low income immigrant girls in six feeder schools (3 streams) in Montgomery County. The program is intended to break the cycle of poverty in immigrant families by supporting and encouraging girls to stay in school, not become pregnant, and understand how to be active and engaged women in their communities.

Crittenton Services (LLII) – $11,000 crittentonservices.org

Crittenton Services, which offers a positive youth development program for low income immigrant girls, sought funding for a second year for the SNEAKERS program in Montgomery County at 2 high schools. The SNEAKERS program is designed to help young immigrant women find their own voice, and empower them to advocate for themselves and others in a way that will enable them to ultimately impact their own communities.

EWI (LLII) – $3,000 ewint.org

EWI is currently in its fifth grant year with TOWF, and requested funding to create economic and social empowerment through targeted entrepreneurship leadership training, mentoring and micro-enterprise development, and provide a range of individualized business assistance for low-income immigrant women enrolled in EWI Entrepreneur Fellowship for Women program.

Keshet (LJ) – $5,000 keshetonline.org

Keshet sought funding for support in recruitment of LGBTQ teens from the greater Washington, DC area to participate in the Shabbatonim to deepen their leadership skills, and return them to the community as leaders on equality and inclusion.

Together Beyond Words (I) – $7,500 togetherbeyondwords.com

Together Beyond Words, an organization with the goal of increasing women’s participation and working as change agents for peace, requested funding for an expansion of Stage to Change.  This playback theatre ensemble will target 20 Jewish and Arab women in the Galilee to perform and lead workshops for 1200 women and girls in the first year, with the hope of replication across other regions of Israel.

Religious Equality, Engagement, and Intercultural Understanding = $10,000

Adas Israel Community Mikvah (LJ) – $7,500 adasisrael.org/mikvah

The mikvah, after two years of funding and after input during the LOI process, proposed to build on the success of Bodies of Water with Rivers: A Pluralist Mikvah Education Program; an expansion to reach more women at more specific stages, transitions, and lifecycle events.

SlimPeace (LJ) – $2,500 slimpeace.com

After the launch of their first 2 local programs in 2013 at George Mason University and in Northern Virginia, Slim Peace sought funding from TOWF for a new DC cohort closer to the city center, at American University. Groups have a balanced representation of Muslim, Jewish and other faiths and across the spectrum of religious observance, and meet weekly to learn healthy living that serves as a platform for interfaith and intercultural dialogue.

Catalyst Grant

Jews United for Justice – $20,000 jufj.org

JUFJ was granted the funds to hire a Campaign Manager to lead the effort to create a universal paid family leave program in DC. This full time staff member would lead the policy advocacy work, convene a coalition of advocates who will support the effort, and manage the public education and mobilization of DC residents to support the paid family leave program.