2014: $159,500 in grants

Local Jewish = $64,000

JCADA – $30,000 jcada.org

TOWF is currently in its seventh grant year with JCADA. JCADA’s proposal for the 2014-2015 year seeks  to continue to fund the AWARE program as well as to enable JCADA to do a staffing reorganization that would involve hiring a full time Educator, a part-time Development Consultant who will craft a long-term strategic development plan, and a full-time Development Associate to assist the Educator and implement the development plan.

Jews United for Justice – $10,000 jufj.org

JUFJ seeks funding for its Jeremiah Fellowship, a Jewish leadership program in Washington, D.C. focused on incubating young Jewish professionals to be agents of social change. The Fellowship has an explicit gender lens on its curriculum (the creation of which TOWF funded several years ago), and tackles head-on the issues of gender as they relate to the most pressing social issues with which we as a society are confronted.

Jewish Outreach Institute – $7,500

JOI seeks funding to implement its Mother’s Circle program in the Washington, D.C. area. A Mother’s Circle is a free program intended to make it easier for a non-Jewish spouse in an interfaith couple to engage in Jewish life; the ultimate goal is that more unengaged and unaffiliated Jews will re-engage, thereby creating stronger Jewish homes and communities.

Community Mikvah – $7,500 adasisrael.org/mikvah

The mikvah is currently in its second grant year with TOWF, and is seeking funding to continue its Bodies of Water program. The program is designed for teenaged girls and their mothers to help them understand the holiness of their own bodies and assist them as they navigate the changes and challenges of adolescence in a meaningful Jewish context.

Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington – $7,500 jccgw.org

JCC-GW is seeking funding for its executive staff to participate in the “Stewards of Children” child abuse prevention training program. This program trains facilitators to bring the established “Stewards of Children” child abuse prevention program to communal organizations. Although there are currently certified facilitators in the Washington, D.C. area, there are no facilitators working in a Jewish communal organization. After participating in the training, JCC-GW intends to introduce the program to the other area JCCs as well as synagogues, preschools, day schools, and other Jewish agencies, creating a broad campaign of child abuse prevention and awareness in the Jewish community.

Melvin J Berman Hebrew Academy – $1,500 mjbha.org

Hebrew Academy seeks a grant to examine the challenges faced by young Orthodox women, and to determine how to challenge the limitations girls place on themselves and support them as they work to shift their own perceptions of themselves and their options.

Israel = $57,500

Mavoi Satum – $10,000 mavoisatum.org

Mavoi Satum is currently in its fifth grant year with TOWF. In past years, TOWF has supported various programs related to empowering and supporting agunot  speak out about the need for a more just rabbinical court, as well as campaigns to raise awareness in Israeli society about the importance of signing prenuptial agreements and the use of private rabbinic courts. Mavoi Satum now seeks funding to support a large-scale legislative agenda related to divesting the state-run rabbinical court of some of its jurisdiction, including laws related to prenuptial agreements, recognition of civil unions, ending the race for jurisdiction between the religious and civil courts, civil dissolution of marriage, and demanding a female head of the state-run rabbinical court.

Center for Women’s Justice – $10,000 cwj.org.il

CWJ is currently in its first grant year with TOWF, and seeks funding to continue its skills building and outreach program for civil actions against get refusal. CWJ utilizes a tort strategy to both help agunot obtain a get, as well as obtain for them civil damages arising out of the recalcitrant husbands’ refusal to give the get in a timely manner. In addition to its precedent-setting tort litigation, CWJ also trains legal professionals, judges, and the public about this strategy, ultimately forcing family courts to face the problem and discouraging husbands from refusing in the first place.

WePower – $10,000 www.ken.org.il

WePower is currently in its second grant year with TOWF. It is seeking $15,000 for the 2014-2015 year for its program supporting activist women and women who are in their first year in office by giving them the tools to expand and leverage their power to be agents of change.

Adva Center – $10,000 adva.org

TOWF is currently funding the first year of a two-year project creating a women’s budget forum in the Negev, which is designed to educate and empower the women serving as mayoral advisors. Adva Center seeks funding for the second year of its program. In the first year, Adva successfully established the forum; in its second year, Adva plans to focus on developing and supporting grassroots groups to serve as a power base for the mayoral advisors.

ATZUM – $10,000 atzum.org

ATZUM is in its first grant year with TOWF, and seeks funding in continued support of its Task Force on Human Trafficking. ATZUM is working toward legislative change to criminalize the purchase of sexual services and decriminalize the providers, and changing public perception about what it means to be a victim of trafficking.

Israel Women’s Network – $7,500 iwn.org.il

IWN seeks funding to support the legislative advocacy component of its Moms@Work program, which ultimately aims to address the inequities faced by working mothers in Israel. The program includes “top-down” legislative advocacy for better policies at the national and municipal level (for which IWN is applying for funding), as well as a significant “bottom-up” grassroots component that trains women to advocate for themselves and ultimately become the primary pressure groups.

Local Low Income Immigrant = $38,000

Crittenton Services of Greater Washington – $13,000 crittentonservices.org

Crittenton Services, which offers another positive youth development program for low income immigrant girls, seeks funding for its SNEAKERS program. SNEAKERS is currently offered in Montgomery County and is in the process of expanding into the District. The SNEAKERS program is designed to help young immigrant women find their own voice, and empower them to advocate for themselves and others in a way that will enable them to ultimately impact their own communities.

Empowered Women International – $13,000 ewint.org

EWI is currently in its third grant year with TOWF, and has requested funding to help it grow its program in order to reach more women. With two locations and a full-time staff of only three, it has become unfeasible for EWI to expand into additional communities that are heavily populated by low income immigrant women.

Tahirih Justice Center – $11,000 tahirih.org

Tahirih is currently in its first year grant year with TOWF. TOWF’s funding is primarily used to fund Tahirih’s efforts to expand the criteria for female asylum seekers fleeing the threat of gender-based violence. Federal funding restrictions preclude Tahirih from using federal grants for this type of work.

Community Bridges – $1,000 communitybridges-md.org

Community Bridges seeks funding for its positive youth development program called CB Girls, which targets low income immigrant girls in six schools in Montgomery County. The program is intended to break the cycle of poverty in immigrant families by supporting and encouraging girls to stay in school, not become pregnant, and understand how to be active and engaged women in their communities.