2010: $88,500 in grants

Jewish Women and Girls in the Greater Washington DC Region

Employment Training for Older WomenJewish Council for the Aging (JCA), $15,000 — programming, training, mentoring and support for women ages 55 + who are facing the “double whammy” of age and gender discrimination when searching for a job.

Fostering Healthy Relationships among TeensCapital Camps & Retreat Center (in partnership with Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA) and BBYO), $9,000 — integration of JCADA’s “It’s Not Love” program into the Summer 2010 camp, teaching campers and staff about healthy relationships. Teen leaders will build upon lessons learned, designing additional educational materials to be used at camp and in youth programs at home during the school year.

Connecting Jewish Women on Campus,  Lilith, $6,000 — gathering young women at salons on Washington-area college campuses for student-facilitated in-depth conversations about Jewish feminist ideals to promote social-change activism.

Low-Income Immigrant Women in the Greater Washington DC Region

Domestic Workers’ Diplomatic Immunity Campaign, CASA de Maryland, $10,000 — outreach to marginalized and disempowered immigrant women employed by diplomats as well as raising awareness among embassy employees, media, and other stakeholders.

Women’s Life-Long Leadership Development Project, Tenants and Workers United (TWU) $10,000 (Year 2 Renewal) —providing leadership training to 25 low-income immigrant women so that they are able to create systemic change in their communities that benefit them and their families by addressing gender inequality, discrimination, poverty, and racism.

Israel-Based Programs

Climbing the Next Rung: Women for Gender-Mainstreaming in Be’er Sheba, ADVA Center, $10,000 — creation of a forum of female leaders who  work through public policy to improve the fit between the needs of local women and girls and the services currently provided by the local government in Be’er Sheba.

Economic Development Opportunities for Women in Beit Shemesh/Matei Yehudah , Economic Empowerment for Women(EEW), $15,000 — providing a personally tailored business development and financial education program to assist female entrepreneurs during the difficult start-up period.

Women Lawyers for Social JusticeItach-Maaki, $6,000 — provides ongoing legal services and policy advocacy in areas of welfare rights, employment law, and public housing in Southern Israel to tackle socio-economic injustice, increase marginalized women’s access to basic rights, and promote the economic stability of the entire population of disenfranchised women in the Negev.

De’ot Torah, Mavoi Satum: The Association for Rights of Agunot & Mesoravot Get (women denied a religious divorce), $7,500 — publication of Jewish halachic opinions, legal rulings, and papers that highlight the many possibilities for change within Jewish law regarding women’s marital and parental status from a feminist, sociological, literary, cultural, legal and halachic perspective.