2009: $79,500 in grants

Jewish Women and Girls in the Greater Washington DC Region

Addressing Issues Faced by Adolescent Girls “Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing,” Moving Traditions, $10,000 (Year 3 Renewal) — Helps pre-teen and teen girls grapple with body image, stress, popularity, friendships, and developing healthy relationships through a Jewish lens. The program builds girls’ self-esteem, leadership skills, and Jewish identity.

Teen Dating Violence Prevention, Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA), $17,000 (Year 3 Renewal) — Empowers adolescents with tools to recognize the early signs of controlling and abusive relationships and helps teens, especially girls, develop self-esteem and understand the dynamics of peer pressure, bullying, and sexual harassment.

Neighbor CirclesJewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington (JCRC) and IMPACT Silver Spring, $10,000 — Creates neighbor circles of Jewish and non-Jewish immigrant women all living in the dense and highly diverse Takoma Park neighborhood in Maryland to inspire collective action to influence local policy for the betterment of their community.

Low-Income Immigrant Women in the Greater Washington DC Region

Inspiring Healthy Cooking and Eating, “Daughters and Mothers Get Cooking,” Through the Kitchen Door, $7,500 — Brings Latina teen girls and their mothers to an acclaimed culinary training program to bridge together mother-daughter chasms that are so common in immigrant families, empower the girls to become self-sufficient, inspire awareness and avoidance of obesity and its related illnesses by teaching them how to cook healthier foods on a limited budget, and emphasize the value of sharing fresh, home-cooked meals as a family.

Women’s Life-Long Leadership Development, Tenants and Workers United: Inquilinos y Trabajadores Unidos (TWU) $10,000 — Empowers low-income immigrant women residing in Northern Virginia to be agents of change in their community through monthly workshops, leadership and public speaking training, and an internal gender-lens analysis of all of TWU’s current campaigns.

Israel-Based Programs

Women Denied Religious Divorces, Mavoi Satum, $10,000 — Empowers mesoravot get (women denied religious divorces by their husbands) to speak publicly about the need for a just and forward-thinking rabbinical court system in Israel, through the creation of an Independent Beit Din. Project includes policy education, communication and advocacy training, and media engagement.

Economic Development Opportunities for Women in Beit Shemesh/Mateh YehudaEconomic Empowerment for Women, $15,000 — Provides low-income women with the knowledge and tools to create their own small businesses as a means for gaining self-sufficiency and alleviating their cycle of poverty. (Joint initiative with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s Partnership 2000 program in Beit Shemesh.)