Increasing Awareness and Engagement:  Programs that call attention to or reframe attitudes, norms and behaviors. The community sees the issue differently as a result of your work.  A critical mass is reached to bring attention, influence views and/or increase engagement.

Changing Individual/Community Behavior:  Programs that enable individuals and/or the community to do things differently.  For example: building a sense of empowerment that results in a long term improvement for women and girls.

Changing Institutions, Policy and Systems:  Programs that result in changes in organizational, local, regional, national or international policy or practice.  For example: specific laws and/or institutional  systems change.

Reallocating Power and Resources:  Programs that enable or cause social, economic, or political shifts to women and girls. For example: equal opportunity in the workplace or increased political presence.

Adapted from Clohesy Consulting’s “A System of Social Change”