We invest in lasting change for women and girls. When we achieve that, families and communities are forever transformed.

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Women of TOWF

Current Trustees

Wendi Abramowitz
Leslie Adelman
Abbey Alpern*
Elise Becher
Lisa Benjamin*
Amanda Bergman
Robyn Bernitt
Wendy Feldman Block
Talya Bock
Amy Kaufman Brendler
Jennifer Brody
Susan Chertkof*
Ryna Cohen
Robyn Collins
Rita Corwin
Katherine Curley*
Shulamith R. Elster
Michelle Engelmann*
Carol Friend Feder
Gail Fleder
Simone Friedman
Susie Gelman
Catherine Zacks Gildenhorn
Paula Goldman
Sara Gorfinkel
Sidra Goldwater
Brenda Greenberg
Bonnie Hammerschlag
Tamara Handelsman
Mindy Hecker
Patti Henshel
Linda Herman
Karen Korn Herron*
Jill Herscot
Kerry Iris*
Jill Klein
Joan Kuriansky*, CHAIR
Leslie Barron Lane
Liza Levy (co-founder)*
Allie Lewin
Nancy Liffmann
Linda G. Loewinger
Andrea Felzer Marmon*
Jennifer Mendelson
Jill Minneman
Candace B. Ourisman
Nancy Pilchen
Elisa Rapaport
Elaine Reuben
Ilana Reiser Rich
Rachel Roscow*
Stacy Rosen
Meryl Rosenberg
Estelle Schwalb
Rhonda Schwartz
Karen Simon
Mickie Simon
Jana Singer
Ellen Spiegel
Jacey Spratt
Kim Roth Stein
Leah Mendelsohn Stone
Laurie Trost
Robin Hettleman Weinberg* (co-founder)
Helene Weisz
Janyse Weisz
Jody Winter
Linda Youngentob
Bonnie Lewin z”l
* denotes Leadership Board

Meet some of the fantastic women of TOWF & learn why they joined the Foundation…

Rachel Roscow: With two small children and a full-time marketing job, finding time to do anything else is next to impossible. Rachel wanted to get involved in giving. “I didn’t want to wait 10 years, thinking I would have more time then because you never have more time. It’s very easy to go through life saying “I’m too busy.” For me, it is about priorities. You make time for what is important. I gain so much and have grown so much by being involved with the foundation. It has been worth every second of my time. TOWF has become very important to me.”
Amy Kaufman Brendler: “About five years ago, I found myself evaluating how I was giving charity, and how I was engaged in my community and really, what was my community. I was writing checks to various charities but not feeling involved in any meaningful way. A good friend introduced me to the foundation. By becoming a member, not only did I find a more fulfilling, direct way to give charity, but I found my community – a group of dynamic women who come together with commonalities and differences. I have learned a tremendous amount.”