We invest in lasting change for women and girls. When we achieve that, families and communities are forever transformed.

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How We Began

Before 2004, the Washington metropolitan area did not have a Jewish grantmaking organization dedicated to investing and advocating on behalf of women and girls. Only 6 1/2 percent of Jewish philanthropic dollars in the United States go to causes specifically affecting women and girls. An even smaller percentage is dedicated to women and girls in Israel. Yet, women control more than half of the privately held wealth in the United States.

Co-founders Robin Hettleman Weinberg and Liza Levy dreamed of a venue for women in the DC area to come together philanthropically to make lasting differences in the lives of women and girls.

Liza: We wanted women to maximize their power of giving and decision making. By putting our money together, we’ve increased our impact.  Every program we fund to create social change benefits more than just women and girls.  When a woman is safe, financially secure and educated, so too is her family.  And that translates to more vibrant and sustainable communities.

Robin: It is amazing that a group of women who did not know one another created a grantmaking process and have given away over 1 million dollars. Together, we have been more thoughtful and strategic in how we invest than any of us could have done alone.