We invest in lasting change for women and girls. When we achieve that, families and communities are forever transformed.

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What We Do & What We Fund

What We Do

The Foundation is governed by our members. We design and implement the grantmaking program and manage the Foundation’s budget. The Foundation makes grants once a year.  Nonprofit organizations submit a grant request in the fall. Members review these letters and invite those nonprofits whose project closely aligns to our mission to submit a full proposal. The members review the proposals, visit the nonprofits, and together vote for the organizations the Foundation will fund.

What We Fund

We began awarding grants in 2006.  Over the last nine years, we’ve funded more than 42 organizations, locally and in Israel, making over $1 million in grants. Our areas of funding are:

  1. Jewish women and girls in the Washington, DC metropolitan area
  2. Women and girls in Israel
  3. Low-income, immigrant women in the Washington, DC metropolitan area