We invest in lasting change for women and girls. When we achieve that, families and communities are forever transformed.

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Jewish Women’s Foundations

The Tikkun Olam Women’s Foundation is one of 25 Jewish women’s foundations in the U.S.. They have provided support for anti-violence programs for Jewish women, school-based programs that address self-esteem and body image among Jewish adolescent girls, micro-financing for business development among minority Israeli women, and health care for Israeli Ethiopian girls.

Several foundations, including ours, also support programs that benefit women and girls in the broader non-Jewish community, including economic empowerment, outreach to at-risk adolescent girls, and gender equity in education.

In addition, there are 145 non-Jewish funds, with assets of nearly half a billion dollars, specifically created to improve the lives of women and girls. Most focus their efforts domestically; about a third work internationally. For more information on the women’s funding movement, visit the Women’s Funding Network.

Women Donors Network (womendonors.org), a national network of women philanthropists that leverages more than $150 million a year toward solutions that address the root causes of injustice and inequality.

Women Moving Millions (womenmovingmillions.org), founded by sisters Swanee and Helen LaKelly Hunt, brings women together to significantly increase the amount of funding that supports the advancement of women and girls globally.

Women’s Funding Network (womensfundingnetwork.org), connecting more than 160 organizations that fund women’s issues across the globe and the Global Fund for Women (globalfundforwomen.org), bringing grantees and donors together in an international network that promotes women’s action for social change and justice.