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Our Work Matters

Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse

The Challenge:
Learning the Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Dating violence among teenagers is a persistent problem, and Jewish teens are not immune.

  • 57% said they have either been physically and/or sexually assaulted by a dating partner or know someone their age who has.
  • Only half of all teens know the warning signs of an abusive relationship

Breaking the Cycle of Dating Abuse

The Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA), the only local organization focusing on young Jewish victims, developed “It’s Not Love,” where participants assume a character that is in an abusive relationship or is witnessing one. Participants identify characteristics of an unhealthy relationship and get resources they can turn to if they or someone they know are ever in an unhealthy relationship .


This violence prevention program has reached 1,500 high school students, college students, camps, youth groups, shuls, and churches throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. In one instance, after participating in “It’s Not Love,” it became clear to Rebecca (not her real name) that her dad’s behavior at home was abusive. Empowered by the program, she persuaded her mom to seek help, ultimately leading to a safer environment.

TOWF has funded “It’s Not Love” for four years because we believe this program is creating vital change in our community. Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness among women and children. Our goal is to break the cycle of abuse.