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2016 Grants

(by primary theme)

Prevention of Violence and Abuse = $121,600

Asian Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (local) – $14,600

APIDVRP is a new applicant to TOWF, and proposes full funding for Voicing the Unspoken for one year.  “Voicing the Unspoken: Addressing Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in the Asian/Pacific Islander Community” program will engage, empower and transform the DC metropolitan’s Asian/Pacific Islander (A/PI) community on domestic violence and sexual assault by leveraging culturally and linguistically accessible outreach strategies. The purpose of the Outreach Program is twofold: 1) raise awareness of domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA) in the A/PI community; and 2) prevent future acts of violence by promoting bystander education and activism.  Similarities drawn to the work done by JCADA and Tahel Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children.

Haifa Rape Crisis Center (Israel) – $10,000

HRCC is seeking funding to initiate a second year of public campaign targeting mainly teenagers and adolescents in schools and other educational and social frameworks in the northern periphery of Israel in at least 4-5 locations and in the on-line social networks. During 2015 and funded by TOWF, after a series of meetings that held with professionals and activists in the field, HRCC decided to focus the campaign to explain: “What is consent?” The campaign will encourage youth to take an active part in addressing, condemning and raising awareness for sexual violence and the means in which this social problem can be eliminated. Similarities drawn to the work done by JCADA.

Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (local) – $50,000

TOWF is currently in its ninth grant year with JCADA. This two year proposal for $30,000 each year would launch AWARE Training Modules for educators and other professionals working with youth, which was piloted through a TOWF grant in FY16, and a one-time grant of $20,000 to enter into a strategic communications planning effort for AWARE.  AWARE uses interactive models to create an open environment for discussion while teaching young people, parents and educators the signs of unhealthy relationships and the tools to help themselves or friends. AWARE’s experiential learning workshops include It’s Not Love©, a research-validated curriculum for 8th grade through college age students and #healthyfriendships, a curriculum designed for 6th grade and 7th grade students. During the pilot phase, JCADA realized a key piece was missing in this project: they need a strategic communications plan focused on branding and marketing of AWARE and these training modules, specifically.

Tahel Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children (Israel) – $15,000

A new proposal to be funded in full by TOWF, Educating and Empowering Women Religious Community Leaders in Zefat aims to educate and empower Orthodox women community leaders, who will be trained in the areas of domestic violence, sexual abuse of women and child sexual abuse; and to encourage them to implement Tahel’s safety policies in schools and synagogues and Tahel’s prevention workshops and programs.  They will be trained on all of the aspects of the police and court processes that a victim who turns to the police must undergo, and in the halachic (Jewish law) problems that face victims of abuse as well as the legal ramifications. It is the Center’s belief that this program will greatly affect the willingness of the abused women to seek help from the system and counter the tendency for secrecy in the isolated ultra-Orthodox community.

Tahirih Justice Center (local) – $20,000

TOWF proposes to fully fund Tahirih’s proposal for a third and fourth grant year. TOWF’s funding is primarily used to fund Tahirih’s efforts to expand the criteria for female asylum seekers fleeing the threat of gender-based violence. Federal funding restrictions preclude Tahirih from using federal grants for this type of work.

Together Beyond Words (Israel) – $12,000

Together Beyond Words, an organization with the goal of increasing women’s participation to work as change agents for peace, seeks funding for an expansion of the playback theatre ensemble, From Stage to Change. Funded by TOWF last fiscal year, the program cultivates young Jewish and Arab women students’ leadership in working for women’s empowerment and intercultural understanding in Israel. This is a continuing program and is based on three and a half years of experience with From Stage to Change Ensemble. Funding for this year and next will support the collaboration with Haifa University to create a pilot empowerment and leadership program for over 300 primary beneficiaries. The program has three stages: the course, the practicum and events and the conference.

Women in the Public Sphere = $66,000

Adva Center (Israel) – $15,000

TOWF proposes to fund two years for the Regional Women Leadership Project: designed to increase women’s representation in local decision-making bodies and provide dozens of women project participants with the tools, training and support structure needed to advance tangible, lasting advance structural changes in infrastructure, and accessibility to services, in their localities. The project is to be based on the insights gained from the earlier project as well as from the Forum of Negev Advisors on the Status of Women project that was supported by TOWF.

Anu – Making Change (Israel) – $12,000

The Women’s Media Center (of Israel), launched as a pilot in 2014, increases women’s voices in media, closes gender gaps, and promotes equality and diversity in the media.  With one to two years of TOWF support , the WMCI will  consolidate and expand the program to promote gender equality in Israel: address the root causes of gender inequality that exists in Israeli society, targeting the media industry due to its power and influence on public opinion and policy through the monitoring of all media outlets (print, digital, and electronic); and build capacity for women to enter and rise professionally in the media; and ultimately influencing decision makers and public policy.

Center for Advancement of Women in Public Sphere (Israel) – $12,000

An applicant multiple times to TOWF, the Gender Index, created in 2012, is currently the only tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of gender inequality in Israel, with indicators defined by women themselves.  With first time funding from TOWF for one or two years, the Gender Index will continue to challenge existing practices of policymaking, legislation and budgeting based on the gender mainstreaming of data and strengthens advocacy efforts of civil society organizations. Targets policy makers, government officials, planners, decision makers.  Supported by many funds in the JWF network, and the data is circulated and accessed by grantees Adva Center, IWN, RCCs, Itach Maaki, and Mavoi Satum.

Israel Women’s Network (Israel) – $12,000

TOWF funding for a third and possibly a fourth year for Mind the Gap, that aims to reduce and eventually eliminate Israel’s prevalent gendered pay gap by tackling its root causes and working strategically on three levels: with the government towards policy change, with companies and employers to increase transparency and fair employment standards and influencing public opinion and policy shapers to create a wide public base of support for the necessary changes.

Jews United for Justice (local) – $15,000

Recipients of last year’s TOWF Catalyst Grant for their campaign work on pass paid family leave, Jews United for Justice proposes general support funding for civic engagement by women on issues affecting local/regional women, including paid family leave.   By activating women as civic leaders, and specifically training and supporting women’s leadership, we have expanded the traditional understanding of “women’s issues”, while winning concrete changes that benefit everyone.  Specifically, JUFJ offers a strong model to foster women’s leadership, broad commitment to gender justice, and ability to engage in impactful advocacy.

Healthy Individual Growth – $20,000

At the Well (local) – $5,000

At The Well is a new project looking to create a hub in Washington D.C. The goal is to empower Jewish women in their 20-30’s by supporting them in re-inventing the ancient ritual of monthly gatherings on the new moon known as Rosh Chodesh (Well Circles). Funding is requested for a DC retreat, to help organize Washington D.C. as a hub at the birthplace of At The Well. The retreat will empower and mobilize new and existing leaders to develop Well Circles for themselves and their peers. These tight niche spiritual communities will offer an innovative way to practice Judaism as well as encourage open, empathetic dialogue, and provide space to explore the intersection of modern science of the female body, and Jewish spiritual practice.

Crittenton Services (local) – $15,000

Full funding for two years for SNEAKERS Montgomery County, a school‐based, positive youth development program for teen girls, will promote changes in the attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors of Montgomery County teen girls from low‐income, largely immigrant families that will ultimately empower and enable these girls to break the cycle of poverty for them and their families in 2 middle and 2 high schools. The program teaches these girls about life options, including college and careers, and helps them acquire the skills they will need to succeed in school and in the workplace.



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