We invest in lasting change for women and girls. When we achieve that, families and communities are forever transformed.

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Member Participation

As a member, you can participate as much or as little as you like.

Participate a Little

You don’t have to come to a single meeting to decide which organization we should fund. You will always know what is going on with our newsletter and committee updates.  All grants proposals are on-line for you to read.
Every member gets a vote.

And, if you are you looking for a different way to be engaged in your giving, you can choose to…

Participate A Lot

Join a committee.
Joining a committee is a great way to learn more about the grantmaking process, help shape the organization’s operations, offer your expertise, and spend time with other members.

The committees are:
Grants: Determine which organizations we review for funding
Membership: Build a vital and committed membership of women
Finance: Manage our budget
Governance: Review operations and design leadership development programs
Marketing: Promote our work and the work of our grantees
Event Planning and Fundraising: Design educational programs that address issues about women and girls

Come to our grants meetings.

Making grants is one of the most rewarding activities you will experience. But it is not easy. Doing so intelligently requires long hours of sorting through proposals, learning about the fields in which we have expressed interest, getting to know the applicants and their circumstances, sensing their talent, and determining which projects hold promise. We have four meetings a year to review, discuss, and vote on proposals. We also visit the nonprofits that we hope to fund.

Attend educational programs.

We never stop learning, with periodic educational sessions throughout the year. Join us for a session on how to review a grant proposal and a budget. Come to our half-day fall retreat as we delve into topics such as Jewish models of leadership and organizational growth. Past events.