We invest in lasting change for women and girls. When we achieve that, families and communities are forever transformed.

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How We Make Grants

Our members meet four times during the grants cycle (November through May). Each meeting builds upon the previous one as we determine which projects to fund.

First Meeting: Determining the issues and the amount.  This is an informative, creative meeting, where guest speakers describe potential funding for us or review practices of effective grantmaking.

Second Meeting: Identifying eligible grantees.  Prior to this meeting, we invite nonprofit organizations to submit a proposal for a grant request. We first require Letters of Intent (LOIs). This allows the nonprofit to make a request for funding without spending a significant amount of staff time on this process.  The goal of this second meeting is to review the LOIs and then invite those nonprofits whose proposed project closely aligns with our mission to submit a full proposal.

Third Meeting: Reviewing full proposals.  These discussions are the heart and soul of TOWF. We begin to determine which projects we think will ultimately improve the lives of women and girls. Members identify issues and questions that are not addressed in the proposal.

Online Discussions and Site Visits: Follow-up work.  After this meeting, we circle back to the nonprofits to get further clarification and answers to issues raised. Then, the members make site visits to the organizations to get a close-up perspective on the proposed projects.

Fourth Meeting: Awarding grants.  This is when final decisions are made as to which projects we will be funding. After careful discussion, each member votes for the slate of projects she would like TOWF to support.