We invest in lasting change for women and girls. When we achieve that, families and communities are forever transformed.

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We give money, yes; but the true measure of our work is found not in our checkbooks but in our collective action on behalf of those women and girls whose voices haven’t been heard.

Immerse yourself in an issue you feel passionate about. Become an effective, involved philanthropist.

The power to fund programs on behalf of women, to change the lot of other women, particularly those of younger generations, is profound.

The voice of many women together is the most powerful way to improve the lives of women and girls.

  • $3,000 per year for five years, to become a Pillar Trustee
    • Pillar Trustees, like all trustees of the Foundation, are encouraged to join committees, attend educational events, and assist in the annual process of making grants to organizations that are pursuing social change for women and girls.
  • $1,500 per year for three years for women 35 years or younger, to become a Covenant Trustee
    • Covenant Trustees enjoy all of the same privileges as Pillar Trustees.  Those who turn 35 during their three-year term may maintain their pledge at the same level of $1,500 per year for the duration of their three-year membership. We hope that those who are financially able will consider increasing their gift to the Pillar membership level of $3,000 per year, whether during the three-year membership term or when their term concludes.
  • $9,000 per year for five years, to become a Heritage Trustee
    • By investing $9,000 per year in the Foundation, Heritage Trustees advance the continuous growth and security of the foundation by contributing a larger annual amount to the endowment.
  • $20,000 per year for five years, to become a Legacy Trustee
    • Legacy Trustees will be Trustees in perpetuity, along with her daughter(s), daughter(s)-in-law, and granddaughter(s), assuring generations within a family will have a significant voice in determining the direction of the Foundation and its grantmaking process.

Download a membership application here (PDF)